Vector the Crocodile
Biographical information
Physical description
Species Crocodile
Gender Male
Skin color Green
Eye color Yellow
Personal information
Affiliation Troll Slayers
Allies Sonic, Vector, Espio, Emerl, Shadow, Teemo, Hulk, Bowser
Enemies The Trolls, Troll King, Luigi, Mario, Alex, Garry
Weapon of choice Fists, Teeth
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 4
Status Alive

Vector shows up alongside Espio, Cream, and Emerl to help Sonic fight the The Trolls in chapter 4. He gets in a single bite, but does little to nothing to actually help fight. Alex beats up Vector horribly, then suggests that they rip out Vector's eye. Garry follows up on the suggestion in gorey detail. While all of his other allies in the fight are killed, the Troll King lets Vector live so that he can inform Shadow that he's going to come kill him as well.

Vector informs Shadow as the Troll King commands, dying and in horrible pain, though not before puking blood on Shadow. Mario then reveals that he is still in league with Luigi, enraging Vector and the rest of the Troll Slayers. Vector somehow survives his horrible, horrible injuries and joins the troll slayers, showing up in later chapters with nothing but an eye patch for all of his life threatening wounds. He does nothing but sit around with Shadow and the others to help plan attacks for many, many chapters, with his most notable inclusion in the comic being his horrible mutilation during chapter 4. He is given the joke title of "butt pirate" amongst the Troll Slayers.