Troll Face
Biographical information
Physical description
Species half-human, half-troll
Gender Male
Skin color White
Eye color Black
Personal information
Occupation Troll
Allies Troll King, The Trolls
Enemies The Troll Slaiyers, The Neutrals, Silver
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 3
Status Alive

Troll Face is the son of Troll King and a high-ranking troll. He is known for his love of gay necrophilia which he calls "doing schticky to a body". He is unseen for quite some time, with him eventually popping in just to shout out that he's making an appearance. He eventually does get an actual role by firing a bullet at Tom, which Sylvester blocks and dies for.


Trollface comments on what he will do with Sylvester's corpse