"we need something that they couldn't help to troll and something that will draw more then one troll too something even the boss want to troll"
- Teemo in Chapter 2

Biographical information
Alternative names The Swift Scout
Place of birth Bandle City
Physical description
Species Yordle
Gender Male
Fur color White and brown
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Affiliation The Troll Slaiyers
Enemies The Trolls
Weapon of choice Blowgun
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 2
Status Alive

Teemo is a Champion from League of Legends and a member of the Troll Slaiyers. He was accidently killed in Chapter 6 but came back in Chapter 15 because he respawns after a minute.

History Edit

Teemo is one of the four people that Mario and Luigi have recruited into the Troll Slaiyers, his way of fighting the trolls is by agreeing with them and it pisses the trolls off. His nickname in the Troll Slaiyers is "the bastard". Teemo participates in the Justin Bieber concert and doesn't really do anything. In Chapter 6, he is part of Knuckle's awesome plan and proceeds to die after hitting a hill after being launched out of the rocket. When he respawned, he met his two friends the football dude and Pikachu and reach the Troll Slaiyers. Soon after suggesting that they should have a new Troll Slaiyers picture, Teemo gets a new nickname.

Personality Edit

Teemo is a cheerful guy, and is kind of one step behind person such as when he reaslizes something about Knuckles Plan.. Teemo also has connections with Pikachu and some dude in a football outfit, when he returns, Teemo starts to talk smack such as when he also has good insults such as when he insults Hulk in the Guardians. In the same chapter, Teemo tries to cheer up the group by asking Shadow to take a picture.

Abilities Edit

Respawning - When Teemo dies, Teemo feels the pain of death, but can come back to life in just a minute.