(Tails Gets Trolled opens with a title card showing many different characters - clockwise from the top left there's Shadow, Sonic, Silver, Pori, Alex, Luigi, Mario, Tails and Knuckles. Beneath all of these characters is a red bar which reads: tails gets trolled)

Tails - (Tails is seen walking along near a forest.) lololololol

(Behind him in the trees a pair of faces can be seen.)

Trolls - hahahah look at that noob. what a talentless looking fox

Tails - (Tails stops walking.) what's that's noise? (He turns around to face the forest.) Who's there?

(Two Trolls emerge from the shadows. One of them is somewhat short, bald, fat and wears a purple shirt. The other is a tall Blonde who wears a pink shirt.)

Fat Troll - your gay and a retard. you look so stupid. your a noob and your such a retard that has no friends and your ugly. you should fix that ugly face of yours retard (The camera zooms in on the Fat Troll's face.) you mad. you mad. you look mad. you stupid bitch

Blonde Troll - yes shes mad

(Tails is visibly upset from the trolls insults.)

Fat Troll - you have no talent. you big retarded hoe

(Tails begins to cry before running away from the trolls who appear quite happy.)

(Tails is now seen crying next to a concerned Sonic in a field while Shadow sits on a stool nearby smoking a blunt.)

Shadow - whats he crying about now?

Sonic - (Sonic looks at Shadow.) he has been getting trolled. you know how it is. there calling tails gay and shit he cant take it (Sonic looks at Tails.) the way to stop a troll. is to become his friend. as his friend you can show him the right path

Shadow - that is bull shit. don't listen to him. that wont work

Sonic - how would you deal with a troll shadow?

Shadow - ill show you (Shadow turns to the camera and puts his middle finger up) fuck you trolls

Sonic - there is no need for any blood shed, this problem can be solved without any villains

Tails - ok

Shadow - (Shadow now appears to be holding a large unwrapped blunt.) sonic sometimes there is need to do whats needed, if it was up to me egg man would be dead and we would never have to worry

Sonic - them people that trolled tails are just misundertood kids (Sonic places his right hand on Tails arm. Tails is no longer crying.) tails come i will talk to these kids and stop this hate with kindness

Shadow - (Shadow stands up with the blunt now wrapped up.) that's not gonna work sonic, tails trust me when i say this. i know what im talking about

Tail - maybe sonic is right

Shadow - go ahead leave you will find out the hard way

(Sonic and Tails run off, leaving behind a large dust cloud.)

Shadow - dumb ass will learn,

(We cut back to the trolls who trolled Tails and see they are currently trolling a Toad from the Super Mario Bros. series.)

Fat Troll - and your a little faggot that has no friends, (The camera zooms in on the Fat Troll's face as he pulls an evil smirk.) you retarded mushroom

(Sonic and Tails arrive off-screen and see this happen.)

Sonic - hey what you guys said to my friend was really hateful and i would like it if you said sorry

Blonde Troll - hey man. look that dumbass fox brought his gay friend to talk to us,

Sonic - im not gay I have a girl friend and i would like it if this conflict to end in peace

Fat Troll - oh look the talentless blue pokemon wants to end this in peace. your a retarded faggot that has no friends and your so ugly, noob trolololol

Sonic - (Sonic is beginning to become frustrated.) you must not know who i am.i have alot of talent and i have lots of friends is right beside me. and for what your saying isn't true, so i am not afended by your hateful comments

Fat troll - retard, your so stupid

Sonic - (Sonic pulls a smile.) why don't we just be friends this is stupid

Fat Troll - i bet your girl friend is a stupid cow and the town slut, she really knows how to take it like a man

(A deep frown is now present on Sonic's face.)

Fat Troll - your girl friends a stupid hoe and because of that your gay with that retard fox

Sonic - ehhh...... im gonna ignore what you just said and ask you one more time. lets end this hate and become friends

Fat Troll - your girl is a bitch and your a retard

Sonic - (Sonic Is now scowling in disgust at the Troll.) tails lets get out of here

Tails - ok

(The scene cuts away to Shadow and Knuckles talking to each other in a field. There is also a yellow box in the top right of this shot which reads: after words)

Knuckles - im telling you man (Knuckles then looks away from Shadow once Sonic and Tails arrive.) hey sonic your back. hows it going

Sonic - im so mad. im gonna have sex with my girl friend so i wont be mad

Shadow - ok im gonna take a random guess and say you guys failed with that peace crap

Tails - you was right shadow

Shadow - (Shadow pulls a cocky smirk.) i fucking knew it

Knuckles - what are you guys talking about

Shadow - They have been getting trolled

Knuckles - oh tails you have nothing to worry. shadow is good at dealing with these trolls. I've seen it

Tails - alright shadow can you help me deal with these haters

Shadow - ok listen closly (The camera zooms out a bit to show more of Shadow's body.) im gonna show you how to defeat a troll. so you will know how to do it your self (The camera zooms out even further.) you guys will only watch me. you will not speak. that may make it harder. do you understand that

Tails - yes undetstood

Shadow - alright lets go. tails lead me to them bastards

Tails - great you can teach them who's boss

Shadow - (Shadow strikes a pose after Tails speaks.) hahahahaha

(The scene is now one of an empty field with a mountain in the distance. The scene then cuts again to the two trolls from before.)

Fat Troll - hey do you see that? it looks like a group of pokemon. coming at us (The Troll then notices Tails.) oh shit its that retarded fox again and he brought two of his gay friends

Shadow - hello dickheads so your the trolls i heard about

Fat Troll - oh how cute your a retard that is a faggot. that has no talent and you are really ugly even for a pokemon

Shadow - hey it looks like you ate a little to much KFC fat fuck

Fat Troll - (The Troll is now a little upset.) well your stupid and you have no friends

Shadow - you need to cut down on the McDonald's fatass

Tails - (Tails looks over at Knuckles and sees he is grinning.) hey is that how you stop a troll?

Knuckles - No hes just baiting them right now

Blonde Troll - hey embreaded donkey your so ugly and your friend is ugly too

Shadow - For a embreaded donkey i can sure fuck your mom hard

Fat Troll - shut up. your a retarded noob that's stupid and ugly

Shadow - only retarded people and fat retarded people repeat the same insults

Fat Troll - your stupid. you don't know anything you dumb faggot

(Shadow suddenly uses his super speed to run up next to the Fat Troll who appears very shocked by this. Shadow than pulls his right fist back and punches the Fat Troll in the face so hard that it knocks him to the ground, while also sending blood flying out of his mouth.)

Shadow - what do you got to say now you stupid fucking troll

Blonde Troll - (The Blonde Troll is now very afraid.) ah........ i was just joking about what i said about you and your freind before

(Shadow quickly kicks the Blonde Troll in the face, damaging his nose while also sending blood flying out of his mouth. Much like the Fat Troll, he too falls to the ground.)

Tails - (Tails is startled by Shadow's actions.) Shadow what are you doing?

Shadow - (Shadow is now sporting a malicious grin.) they cant troll you if there dead (Shadow then pulls out a knife with a red handle.)

Tails - wait. there must be another way. to deal with these trolls. i cant let you kill them

Shadow - (Shadow pulls the Blonde Troll up by his hair and places the blade on his throat.) there isn't. you remember what happen when you guys tried peace? you cant talk to them. there to oblivious

Blonde Troll - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Tails - but

Knuckles - (Knuckles rests a hand on Tails left shoulder.) hes right tails

(Shadow then starts to cut into the Blonde Troll's throat, as blood stars spilling out the Troll's face bears a horrified expression. Shadow then pulls the blade harshly away from the Blonde Troll's neck, sending blood from it flying through the air. Tails closes his eyes tightly and turns his head away from the gruesome sight.)

Shadow - (Shadow drops the Troll's body.) now for the other one

Fat Troll - (As the Fat Troll starts to recover Shadow's shadow begins to loom over him.) im sorry i wont troll again i promise

(Shadow thrusts the knife covered in the Blonde Troll's blood towards the Fat Troll.)

Shadow - (The knife slams into the Fat Troll's chest.) to late for that fucker

Fat Troll - ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

(Shadow then stabs the Fat Troll in his face directly beneath his left eye before standing up.)

Shadow - fucker

(The scene cuts to later in the evening where Tails, Knuckles and Shadow are all dirty and holding shovels.)

Knuckles - man it took along time burring that fat guy. its really late

Shadow - yea remind me next time to not kill such a fat person

Tails - i'm going home ill see you guy later

(As Tails leaves Knuckles and Shadow wave at him.)

Knuckles - bye this was fun we should do this more often

Shadow - bye

Knuckles - hey shadow you wanna get high?

Shadow - you know i do

Knuckles & Shadow - (Knuckles and Shadow both take their shovels and slam their ends into each other in the air.) high shovel

(The scene then cuts to a room shrouded in darkness where two figures, one large and one snake-like can be seen.)

Large Figure - whats the problem?

Snake-like Figure - sir two more of our trolls have gone missing

Large Figure - find out who's doing this and take them out

(The camera now shows a third figure in the room, this one more visible. A creature with mismatched eyes and a pair of animal-like ears which has a sword strapped on its back.)

Swordsman Troll - yes sir

(The scene cuts to show it's now the following morning, the sun shining in the sky. The camera pans downwards and shows Tails sleeping on some rocks next to the trunk of a large tree.)


Sonic - (Sonic suddenly appears.) tails wake up

Tails - what?

Sonic - you knuckles and shadow went and beat up them trolls didn't you?

Tails - no

Sonic - (Sonic looks relieved.) oh

Tails - shadow killed them

Sonic - (Sonic becomes furious.) what!!!!!!

Tails - you dont understand he pulled a knife on them

Sonic - well if shadow killed them in defense i guess its fine

Tails - (Tails becomes distant.) no shadow pulled out the knife and stabbed them to death. there was alot of blood

Sonic - ill be right back. im gonna talk to shadow

Tails - ok i'm gonna go back to sleep now good night

(The Scene cuts and shows a blanket in the middle of a field with Knuckles sleeping under it. There is also a clear box in the top right of the shot which reads: back to knuckles.)

Knuckles - ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (The camera then zooms in to show Knuckles face.) man what happen? i dont remember anything after shadow killing those trolls

(The camera zooms out a bit a pans to the left to reveal a nude Rouge drooling as she sleeps under the same blanket as Knuckles)

Knuckles - yes

(The camera zooms out even further to reveal that to the right side of Knuckles is Donkey Kong, who wraps an arm around Knuckles in his sleep.)

Knuckles - what the fuck?

Donkey Kong - banana

(The scene cuts to Shadow sitting cross-legged in a field with his eyes closed, a white box in the top left of the shot reads: back to shadow)

(The camera cuts again and shows a brown shoe stepping on a leaf nearby.)

Shadow - (Shadow looks slightly irritated.) sonic go away im trying to sleep. ill hear your bitching later

Swordsman Troll - (In the light, it is now clear that one of the Swordsman Troll's eyes are black with a white iris and the other is white with a blue iris.) i'm not this sonic person you speak of

Shadow - (Shadow doesn't turn around but he opens his eyes.) who are you?

(The camera shows the Swordsman Troll quickly pulling out his blade. Shadow reacts by whipping a gun around towards the Swordsman. The two stare down each other as they aim their weapons at one anothers head.)

Shadow - now ill ask again who are you?

Swordsman Troll - i know you killed them trolls

Shadow - what are you talking about. i dont know what your talking bout

Swordsman Troll- i asked around and someone saw you last night high as shit with a shovel. so that pretty much tells me you killed them (The Swordsman Troll places his blade back in its sheath.) before you shoot ill tell you this shadow. they are on your trail its only a matter of time

Shadow - they don't scare me

(The Swordsman Troll glares as Shadow keeps his gun pointed at his head.)

??? - hey!!!

Shadow - (Shadow turns to where that voice came from.) who said that?

(The camera then reveals it was Mario who yelled. He stands firm with fire engulfing his left hand.)

Mario - witch one of you trolled toad!!!

Swordsman Troll - (The Swordsman Troll looks at Shadow.) he trolled your friend

Shadow - what?

Mario - (Mario throws a fireball at Shadow.) die!!!!

(Shadow pulls back away from the fireball which gives the Swordsman Troll the chance he needs to escape.)

Shadow - shit hes getting away

(The camera shows the Swordsman Troll vanishing into the distance.)

Shadow - fuck hes gone

Mario - get ready to die troll

Shadow - you dont know the story i'm not a troll but the guy who got away is (Mario begins to calm down as Shadow speaks.) and that guys friends are the people who trolled your friend. but i killed them two trolls (The camera zooms in on Shadow's face.) but there's more trolls. i dont know how many

Mario - I believe you. i'm gonna deal with these trolls my self. now ill be leaving now

Shadow - i think i got to tell sonic about this. i think he needs to know that tails might be a target. (Shadow then notices Sonic approaching him.) alright there's sonic. ehh hear comes his bitching. i know tails bitched out and told him

Sonic - (Sonic crosses his arms and frowns as he starts to speak.) why did you kill them trolls there was no blood shed needed shadow. i said not to bring any villains in this

Shadow - (Shadow scowls.) there is something i need to talk about so why dont you just shut the fuck up and listen. and for one villains was the only way to shut them up peace didn't work

Sonic - (Sonic points at Shadow.) you should feel bad for what you did. it was wrong and i don't want to see/hear about this again

Shadow - man shut up. you need to stop thinking your everyone's boss i can do what the fuck i like and i'm glad those fuckers are dead they needed to die and if you would have been more like me. egg man would also be dead. so don't give me this no blood shed shit. what i did was needed

(The camera shows Tails standing nearby.)

Tails - guys stop it. please don't fight

Shadow - (Shadow puts his middle finger up and directs it towards Sonic.) fuck you sonic

Tails - (The camera then shows Tails pointing at something behind it.) umm who are those guys

(The scene then cuts and shows the Swordsman Troll from before who has three others standing behind him. One is a man with a big nose and red hair wearing a blue baseball cap and a green long sleeve shirt. Second is a short orange man wearing a grey robe who has yellow eyes. Third is a tall fat man wearing a grey t-shirt with blonde hair and red eyes.)

Big Nose Troll - the blue faggot is mine (The Big Nose Troll dashes straight towards Sonic.)

Sonic - i have a girl friend (The Big Nose Troll tries to kick Sonic but misses. While his leg is in the air Sonic grabs it.) tails go get knuckles

Tails - ok sonic (Tails runs off.)

Shadow - (Shadow is seen holding the fist of the Orange Troll while pointing his gun at his head.) your lucky sonic is here or i would kill you

(The scene cuts away to Rouge and Knuckles talking to each other in a field. A clear box in the top left of the shot reads: back to tails)

Knuckles - so your telling me you wasn't drunk or fucked up in anyway. when you had sex with me and that monkey

Tails - (Tails stops running next to them, sweating profusely.) sigh..... sigh....shadow and sonic are being attack by these trolls

Knuckles - there's more of them? oh this should be good

Tails - (Tails collects himself and stands up straight.) yea lets hurry i don't want to miss any of this

(The camera then show Tails running with Knuckles flying by his side.)

(The scene cuts back to the Big Nose Troll.)

Big Nose Troll - your a fag that likes taking miracle whip in the face like a faggot hoe. your such a retard that sucks on dinosaur nipples

Sonic - shadow don't say anything. i got this. just don't talk

Shadow - oh this should be good. i cant wait to see you fail

Sonic - ok look this little troll thing your doing. isn't proving anything. your not doing anything but hurting others. you get nothing out of it

Orange troll - I bet your girl friend knows how to suck my big hairy balls like a Pro. i heard your girl friend is a slutty bitch

Sonic - (Sonic becomes a bit angry.) do not talk about my girl friend

Red Eye Troll - shes a bitch that fucks all the fags in town. because that bitch of yours has a dick

Sonic - (A vein bulges on Sonic's forehead.) You shut the fuck up!!

Big Nose Troll - your girl goes around fucking all the fags with her man penis. they call her big daddy

(Sonic becomes so angry now that his skin shifts to a deeper shade of blue than usual and his pupils start to become transparent.)

Shadow - (Shadow looks at sonic with an unamused expression.) well that was fast sonic failed so bad

(A blue aura surrounds Sonic's body as his pupils fully vanish.)

Swordsman Troll - (The Swordsman Troll's eyes go wide as he looks at Sonic.) it was nice knowing you guys. good bye

Big Nose Troll - where are you going? sign what ever hes just a noob

(Sonic flashes a sinister grin at the remaining trolls before standing up straight and then teleporting behind the Orange Troll.)

Orange Troll - where he go? (Sonic kicks the Orange Troll in the side of his chest with enough force that blood sprays out of his mouth.) ahhhhhhhhhh!!!! (The kick continues on and ends up cleaving the Orange Troll's body in half, leaving each of the halves to fall to the ground in a gory mess.)

Big Nose Troll - nooooo!! why did you kill him? i love him

(Sonic leaves the Orange Troll's body behind and throws a punch at the Big Nose Troll's face. His fist goes straight through his head, killing him instantly. Sonic pulls his fist out his head and turns to find the Red Eye Troll.)

Shadow - (Shadow is standing over the Red Eye Troll's corpse with his knife covered in blood from his throat.) don't worry man I killed the fat one. its all cool man. i know all about the taste for blood

(Upon seeing this Sonic falls to his knees and holds his fists near his face.)

Sonic - shit i failed

(Tails and knuckles arrive and look at the aftermath.)

Tails - crap we are late. i missed everything

Knuckles - sonic thats so awesome

Shadow - (Shadow looks at Sonic, who has calmed down enough to revert to his regular appearance, before talking with a sarcastic tone in his voice.) sonic thank you for proving that peace isn't shit. when it comes to trolls. your a good friend

Sonic - fuck you shadow. now why don't you tell me why them trolls came after us?

Shadow - that's what i was trying to tell you while you was bitching. the troll with the sword talked about how there was more trolls after us (Shadow tries to picture the Swordsman Troll in his head.) by the sound of it. there's a group of trolls. a colt of some sort. but there s something different about this troll he hasn't insulted anyone so far? (Shadow stops trying to imagine the Swordsman Troll.) these people are after me and tails im assuming. its best if we fight them sonic

Sonic - no im not gonna be drawn into your little troll fight your having shadow. (Sonic turns around and starts walking away.) leave me out of this

Shadow - fine what ever

(The camera cuts away to a red place, where Silver is sitting down and smiling.)

Silver - ahhh everything is great today nothing can mess this up

(As Silver sits, a man approaches him from behind. He has a red highlight over his forehead in his otherwise dark brown hair, which covers his right eye. he wears a black sleeveless shirt and even darker black pants. He also has purple eye shadow on.)

Emo Troll - hey your awful lonely. you must be a looser or something (The Emo Troll stops walking.) i can only imagine how it must feel to not have a family. even if they hated you. i mean just by looking at you i can tell your parents must of wanted to get rid of you before you was old enough to speak. it must suck being you

Silver - (Silver now looks displeased.) im sorry who are you?

Emo Troll - i bet time after time you wish you was sonic. someone with friends and a is trully sad that peaces of shit are born in this world. without a meaning

Silver - (Silver is now frowning at the Emo Troll.) you don't know me

Emo Troll - (As the Emo Troll speaks he pulls out and lights up a cigarette, putting it in his mouth backwards.) your right. no one does. the only girl in your life must just feel sorry for you. i bet countless times. your father wanted to never have you (The Emo Troll takes a second to smoke before continuing.) but hey you cant live life saying what if? what if my parents didn't hate me. what if someone loved me. no point of saying what if. your life is meaningless and it will be. until the day you die (The Emo Troll Turns his back to Silver and begins to walk away.) good luck with having a meaningless existence. with only one thing that will make you feel better. your hand

Silver - ahhhhhhhhhh

(The Scene cuts to a bright grassy hill dotted with bushes that have apples growing on them. A Goomba can be seen here with tears building in it's eyes. A pair of Trolls are making fun of it, one of them are wearing a brown sleeveless jacket and have white hair, yellow teeth, blue eyes and freckles. The other Troll has a rectangular face and is wearing a t-shirt, pair of pants and pair of shoes that are all the exact same shade of orange.

Freckle Troll - hahahahah look at that dumbass noob always feeding. your the worst badguy of all time. you just walk around like a retard (The camera pans around to show the Freckle Troll.) only moron idiots like you walk off cliffs. man i would hate to be your boss. stuck with fucking dumb none existing creatures

Rectangle Face Troll - you tell that small ballsack looking mother fucker. that hes a little punk bitch and will be nothing more than some stupid monster

Freckle Troll - yea ahahahah you stupid monster

(As the Goomba bursts into tears Mario and Luigi arrive.)

Freckle Troll - yea what the fuck are you anyways? you dam abomination. lol hes got a big mouth. i bet hes good at. you know sucking

(Mario runs straight past the Freckle Troll to the Rectangle Face Troll with a large mallet in hand. Luigi jumps up and lands on the Freckle Troll's head, sending him flying to the ground. When his head hits the ground with luigi still standing on it, it instantly explodes into a blood. As that happens Mario comes to a stop right in front of the Rectangle Face Troll.)

Rectangle Face Troll - your one fat looking fat guy

(Mario Then brings his mallet down on the Rectangle Face Troll's head as hard as he can, which ends up flattening him like a pancake.)

End of chapter 1 of Tales Gets Trolled

(Tails Gets Trolled chapter 2 opens with a title card much like the 1st chapter's. The characters on this one are, clockwise from the top left, Sonic, Shadow, Alex, Pori and Tails. Beneath all of them there's a yellow box which reads: chapter 2 trolls attack)