Shadow the Hedgehog
Shadow Wiki
Biographical information
Age Unknown
Place of birth Eggman's lab
Relatives Unknown
Physical description
Species Ultimate Lifeform
Gender Male
Fur color Black
Eye color Red
Personal information
Affiliation The Troll Slayers
Allies The Troll Slayers
Enemies Mario, Luigi
The Trolls
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 1: Tails Gets Trolled
Status Alive

Early LifeEdit

Shadow was apparently created by Dr. Eggman according to chapter 19, though he doesn't seem to be a clone in this continuity like in Sonic Heroes and his titular game. He got into a fight with Sonic for largely no reason, but Sonic spared him and he became friends with him a few years later. At some undetermined point before the story, Shadow was apparently good friends with Kario, and was a troll himself.

Tails gets TrolledEdit

While Sonic just intends to deal with the fat troll trolling Tails in chapter 1 by becoming his friend, Shadow and Knuckles use "villians" (A misspelling of violence). Shadow's logic is that trolls can't troll you if they're dead. He attempts to bury the fat man's corpse, struggling due to his obesity, before performing a high shovel with Knuckles in celebration. An OC later arrives working for the trolls, and "knows" that Shadow killed the fat troll because he "saw him high as shit with a shovel". This causes the trolls to declare war on Shadow and the others, creating the set-up for the comic.

Shadow becomes the leader of the Troll Slayers, and recruits many random characters as members, giving everyone idiotic team names. He kills the Road Runner for Coyote in order to get him to buy explosives for a Justin Beaver concert, which he intends to use to kill all of the trolls. This fails, and from here on Shadow himself doesn't do much in particular, along with any characters who stay in his group. When word of Sonic's death arrives, Mario reveals that he and Luigi were just using Shadow's group to try to kill the trolls, sacrificing Sonic, Cream, Espio, and Emerl to do so. This causes Shadow to become bitter rivals with Mario, and even causes him to form an alliance with Bowser out of his raw hatred of him. Mario later learns that Shadow hung out with his hated father, Kario, causing him to return Shadow's hatred.

Names Edit

Shadow has given out terrible nicknames to his allies as part of his Troll Slaiyers. Here are the names he has given out.

Himself (Shadow) - the awesome

Hulk - "the power" and "THE POWER"

Teemo - "the bastard" and "the annoying"

Bugs Bunny - "the gay"

Rob - "the guy with no ears"

Mario - "the firepower"

Luigi - "the sissy"

Silver - "the money guy"

Vector - "the butt pirate"

Bowser - "the real firepower"

football dude - the retard"

Pikachu - "the rodent"

the guy with no name - "the guy with no name"