Road Runner
Biographical information
Physical description
Species Bird
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Personal information
Enemies Coyote, Knuckles, Shadow, Demaro
Weapon of choice Speed
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 14
Status Dead, in possession of Coyote as a corpse

The Road Runner appears to have been the enemy of Wile E. Coyote for quite some time, and most of the Warner Bros. shorts seem to have still happened in this continuity. Shadow and Knuckles eventually arrive in the desert where the shorts take place, with Shadow apparently being a old friend of Coyote's. Shadow requests explosives and money from Coyote, and he agrees so long as Shadow will murder the Road Runner for him. The Road Runner out-speeds Shadow, and Shadow claims that he is even faster than Sonic. The Road Runner was defeated by Knuckles punching the ground, causing the earth specifically under the Road Runner to cave in and trap one of his feet in the ground because of physics. Shadow then casually kills him with a gun.

Coyote then uses his necromancer powers to revive the Road Runner for his personal gain and currently uses him as his primary combat minion. Road Runner retains all of his speed as a corpse, being of great use to Coyote. By holding onto the Road Runner with his necromancy strings, Coyote is able to have the Road Runner pull him around at great speeds. The Road Runner sees extensive use in Coyote's battle against Demaro.