Porky Pig
Biographical information
Physical description
Species Pig
Gender Male
Skin color Tan
Eye color Black
Personal information
Occupation Minister?
Allies Coyote, Sylvester, Tom, Elmer Fudd
Enemies Christians, Satanists
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 8
Status Dead

Porky Pig was a devout Christian who unintentionally became part of The Neutrals when getting drunk with his friends one night.

Story Edit

Porky was asked to be the designated driver for Coyote, Sylvester, Tom, and Elmer Fudd who were going to get drunk to celebrate the murder of Tweety Bird. Determined not to get drunk, he eventually did and had sex with a bar slut. The woman of questionable morals stole his car keys in the process and thus Porky and the gang had to walk home. They wandered into a random building where they partook in the satanic ritual of The Neutrals. The next day, Porky's wife discovered his infidelity and left him with their child. Porky Jr.

While at his friend's funeral he inadvertently unleashed his Neutral power and his Christian brethren turned on him in a murderous frenzy. Distraught and with no where left to go, he was forced to again live with his parents. However, the Christians got to them first and murdered them both. He met up with his friends and expressed his desire to kill himself but when his wife returned to him and forgave him he vowed to be a good husband and father no matter what.

Tragically, the Christians murdered Porky's wife and child in front of his eyes with a single bullet. Devastated, Porky hung himself with his strings in the midst of an all-out war between the Christians and Satanists.