Tails, getting trolled.
Biographical information
Place of birth Eggman's laboratory
Physical description
Species Fox
Gender Male
Fur color Yellowish Brown, White
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Allies The Troll Slayers, The Defenders, Sonic
Enemies The Trolls, Troll King
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 1: Tails Gets Trolled
Status Alive

Tails is the main character of Tails Gets Trolled. He is the first character to appear in the series, and was also the first character to be trolled.

Chapter One: tails gets trolledEdit

Tails is first seen saying "lololololol". It is unknown whether he was saying it or singing it. But he soon encounters the Blond Troll and the Fat Troll, who troll him into crying, and running to Sonic and Shadow for help. Sonic suggests to become friends with the trolls, but Shadow objects his idea, trying to tell Tails that it will not work. Tails ends up going with Sonic's plan, which was futile. They both go back to Shadow, Tails, admitting that he was right.

He then leaves with Knuckles and Shadow to try and deal with the trolls again. He watches a Shadow insults the  trolls, and asks if this is how to stop them. Knuckles replies with that he's just  "baiting" them, and when Shadow pulls out a knife, ready to kill them, Tails tries to talk him out of doing it, only for Shadow to tell him that "there to obliv ious", and watches as Shadow brutally kills both of them, and helps the two bury the bodies of the deceased trolls. He leaves home afterwards.

The following morning, Sonic wakes Tails up from his sleep, asking him if him, Shadow, and Knuckles went beat up the trolls, Tails answers, saying that they didn't beat anyone, much to Sonic's small amount of relief, only for Tails continue saying that Shadow killed them, Sonic leaves to go talk to Shadow, and Tails goes back to sleep.

When Sonic and Shadow get into a dispute, Tails tries  to get them to stop fighting, but is ignored, until the other Trolls attack them. The battle gets overwhelming quickly, Sonic orders Tails to get Knuckles, and he does. Only to miss the entire battle, much to Tails' and Knuckles' dismay.