Biographical information
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color White
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Occupation Plumber
Affiliation Himself
Allies Luigi, Toad, Yoshi
Enemies The Trolls, Kario,Troll King, Shadow
Weapon of choice Hammer, Power Star, Metal Cap, Frog Suit, Cape Feather
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 1
Status Alive

Early LifeEdit

During the period between Yoshi's Island and the first Super Mario Bros, Mario and Luigi spent their time searching for their real parents. The two of them run into Kario, along with his mistress. After stating the two of them wanted nothing to do with the Mario Bros, Mario breaks into their home and kills the pair. Mario also found out Kario's link with The Trolls, starting Mario and Luigi's hatred for trollkind.

Tails gets TrolledEdit

While the Mario Bros. largely moved on with their lives after killing Kario, they eventually heard about the trolls when they trolled Toad and used it as an opportunity to track them down. Mario eventually allies himself temporarily with Shadow's troll slayers in order to gain some help. Mario is only using the troll slayers, though, as he stages a fight with his brother where Luigi ends up "defecting" to the trolls. Luigi goes on to kill Cream the Rabbit and assist in the murder of Sonic, ensuring his position as a member of the trolls. With Luigi gaining such a solid undercover position, he attempts to murder the Troll King, but fails and is instead killed himself.

Mario eventually tells Shadow and the rest of the troll slayers his plan, openly mocking them. This enrages Shadow and causes the group to attack him, and even later ally themselves with Bowser. Mario cares little and ignores the group, but later gains interest in Shadow again upon discovering that he was once friends with Kario.

Mario has a battle with the Troll King that lasts for a considerable time and is one of the most elaborate fights in the comic. Mario loses, but manages to escape by using a warp whistle. He does nothing for the rest of the comic's duration, though was recently shown with Professor E. Gadd and several Toads giving him power ups to attack the trolls again.