Biographical information
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color White
Hair color Black
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Occupation Plumber
Affiliation The Troll Slaiyers
Allies Mario, Elmer Fudd
Enemies The Trolls, Kario,Troll King
Weapon of choice Hammer, Power Star, Green Fire, Tanooki Suit, Cape Feather
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 1
Status Dead, In possession of Fudd as a corpse

Luigi Mario is the younger and sometimes overshadowed brother of Mario, and a hero of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Early DaysEdit

During the period between Yoshi's Island and the first Super Mario Bros, Mario and Luigi spent their time searching for their real parents. The two of them run into Kario, along with his mistress. After stating the two of them wanted nothing to do with the Mario Bros, Mario breaks into their home and kills the pair. Mario also found out Kario's link with The Trolls, starting Mario and Luigi's hatred for trollkind.

Tails Gets TrolledEdit

Luigi is introduced killing two trolls that are insulting a Goomba along with his brother. Later on, the two of them meet up with Shadow and company to create The Troll Slaiyers. While discussing a plan to defeat the Trolls in Bugs Bunny's rabbit hole, Luigi proposes the idea to lead the Trolls to a fake Justen Bever concert. When the Troll Slaiyers are confronted by Alex the Emo Troll at the concert, Luigi's allegiance to the Trolls is revealed as he fights against his brother. He leaves with Alex and Garry and meets up with the Troll King during his confrontation with Sonic and his friends, aiding the Troll King in defeating Sonic, burning Cream to death.

After the fact, it is revealed by Mario that Luigi is not really a Troll, and snuck into their ranks to get close to the Troll King (Mario did not tell the other Troll Slaiyers this fact so that their shock at Luigi's actions would be legitimate, including him killing their allies). While in the Troll King's lair, Luigi sneaks up on him and uses his Hammer to remove the Troll King's right arm. Before Luigi can use a Power Star and gain invincibility, the Troll King use one of the Words of Death, killing him. Luigi's body is then presumably given to Troll Face to preform Schticky to his body for a certain period of time.

Luigi's body is later found within the Troll City's Morgue for preservation by Elmer Fudd, who uses him to help him break out of the Troll City.