Knuckles The Echidna
Biographical information
Place of birth Mobius
Physical description
Species Echidna
Gender Male
Skin color Tan
Fur color Red
Eye color Purple
Personal information
Occupation Guardian of the Master Emerald, pothead
Allies Sonic, Tails, Shadow, Cheetoman, Spyro
Enemies Dr. Eggman, The Trolls, Troll King, Mario, Luigi
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 1: Tails Gets Trolled
Status Alive

Knuckles originally helps Shadow murder the fat troll from the start that was trolling Tails,  struggling to bury his obese corpse. Upon success, he celebrates by "high shoveling" with Shadow. This ends up being more than either bargained for, and they end up forming the Troll Slayers. Knuckles is one of the many members of the group who stays behind while Sonic and Silver actually go do things, and is largely forgotten by the plot for an extensive time as he sits around with Shadow forming a "plan" to kill the Troll King. He attempts to form his own plan, nearly getting Teemo killed by firing him out of a cannon at in a random direction, thinking this will somehow make him reach the troll base. This failure causes him to quit the troll slayers altogether.

Knuckles always seems to be high, and claims it makes him "smarter". Cheetoman is shown to be Knuckles' drug dealer during a flashback in chapter 14. Here, Knuckles helps Shadow and Coyote catch the Road Runner by smashing his fist into the ground, causing the ground under the Road Runner to magically collapse and trap him because of physics. He eventually stumbles into the defender base to have a party with Cheetoman, meeting up with Tails whom he has not seen since Sonic's death.