Garry 1
Biographical information
Alternative names Tall Motherfucker
Age 23
Place of birth Unknown
Relatives Demaro (brother)
Unnamed mother
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color White
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Position High-ranking member of the Trolls
Affiliation The Trolls
Allies Troll King
Enemies Demaro
The Troll Slaiyers
Weapon of choice His earthbending abilities
Magma and heat (While he wears his magma armor)
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 3: The Truth
Status Deceased
Garry is the brother of Demaro and one of the higher ranked members of The Trolls.



Garry and Alex do not get along very well, often insulting each other during battle. Alex is shown to be more antagonistic toward Garry than Garry is to Alex, because although Garry saved Alex during the Fucking Awesome Plan, Alex trolled Garry when he was set on fire my Emerl.

Demaro Edit

Despite being siblings, Garry's relationship with his brother appears to be quite strained. Sometime before the events of Tails gets Trolled Garry demanded that Demaro reveal to the Troll King his satanic necromancy abilities, angered by his brothers request Demaro implemented his strings onto most of Garry's face, this is why Garry wears the mask over the majority of his face by the time of Tails gets Trolled. Demaro was pissed off at the fact that Garry hadn't told him sooner of Elmer Fud's capture, in reply Garry claims his trolling comes before Demaro in this quote; 'you seem to forget im a troll first and im your brother second, my duty is to the trolls, understand that demaro' this claim implies he values his duty to the trolls over his brotherhood with Demaro, this is to be expected considering how unstable their relationship is. They even go as far as to fight to the death when Demaro lays out his desire of killing Elmer Fud and eating his brains to find the neutrals hideout and kill the prodigy Coyote. Garry remarks that Elmer is a requirement by the trolls and he will prevent Demaro from carrying out his wishes, this ensues into the bloody fight to the death between them. At the beginning of their fight Garry tells Demaro that he is the reason he joined the trolls, not because Demaro told him to, but because he hates Demaro, he goes on to say it pisses him off how Demaro acts like he's better than everyone and that he always wanted to kill him.

Appearance Edit

Garry is an exceedingly tall young adult with a somewhat regular build, he is even taller than his older brother Demaro. His hair is light brown in medium length and his eyes are blue. Up until Chapter 12 he is seen wearing an orange suit of armor and he wears a robotic like mask over his face revealing only one forth of his face and his hair, after chapter 4 this mask is changed to a mask that covers his entire head after he was burned by Emerl. In the last page of Chapter 11, Garry's outfit is now a dark grey suit of armor covering up his entire body with red eye and mouth visors. His face is revealed to horribly disfigured with one forth of his head being completely scolded and the rest of his face is badly scared from Demaro's satanic strings.