Biographical information
Alternative names Master Plan
Age unknown
Place of birth Unknown
Relatives none
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color White
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Unknown
Personal information
Position Mad scientist
Affiliation None
Allies None
Enemies Sonic, Amy Rose
Weapon of choice Mechs, robots
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 2: Trolls Attack
Status Deceased, in possession of Elmer Fudd as a corpse

Eggman EmpireEdit

In a flashback from Amy Rose during chapter 19, it is shown that Eggman apparently created Sonic, Tails, Shadow, and possibly other furries from the Sonic universe in his lab in this continuity. Sonic escaped, but Eggman was able to track him, presumably due to him being a creation of his, as he makes a point that he is unable to track Amy. Sonic lead Eggman to Amy and the chaos emeralds (Which were for some reason all together at the bottom of a pond, waiting to be taken), prompting Eggman to kidnap Amy and take one of the chaos emeralds, not knowing what they do at that time.

Eggman took Amy back to his base and raped her weekly for 4 years. He prevented her from killing herself, and hid in a lab far away from Sonic to prevent himself from being found. Sonic is not even able to stop Eggman upon finally finding him, and has to trade 3 Chaos Emeralds to get Amy back.

Elmer Fudd also has to experience all of these memories due to having obtained them later on.

Tails Gets TrolledEdit

Sonic gives Eggman all of the Chaos Emeralds in exchange for him tracking down the location of the base of the trolls. Regardless of the competence given to Eggman later in the story, he is casually killed by Sonic after Eggman gives him the location of the troll base. This is quite early on in the story when characters are dying off like flies, making Eggman largely into a posthumous character.

The Troll King intended to use Eggman's intelligence to revive the man in the ice, but is very angry to hear that he has been killed. He looks into finding ways to revive Eggman, and eventually kidnaps Elmer Fudd the necromancer in order to raise his corpse. Eggman is just a husk when revived by Fudd, but Fudd consumes a portion of his brain in order to obtain all of his memories, gaining his intelligence. Eggman is shown talking while animated briefly, but it appears to just be Fudd using him as a puppet.