Daffy Duck
Biographical information
Place of birth N/A
Physical description
Species Duck
Gender Male
Eye color Black
Personal information
Allies Bugs Bunny
Enemies The Trolls, Elmer Fudd, Alex, Shadow
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 2
Status Deceased, in possession of Elmer Fudd as a corpse

At some point before the start of the comic, Alex captures Daffy and holds him as a hostage. Alex brings Daffy out and threatens to kill him unless Shadow doesn't blow up the Justin Bever concert hall. Nobody cares but Bugs Bunny, who reveals that he is Daffy's homosexual lover. Regardless of Bugs having been an ally of Shadow, the hedgehog simply shoots both Bugs and Daffy to move his plan to kill the trolls forwards.

Elmer Fudd randomly shows up during this time and takes the corpses of Bugs and Daffy. While other characters assume he is just going to eat them, they are shocked to learn that he later uses his necromancy powers to bind their corpses to his will. He also consumes portions of their brains, gaining their memories and being forced to view their homosexual experiences together.