Biographical information
Alternative names Cheeto guy
Relatives Unnamed relatives
Physical description
Species Cheetah
Gender Male
Fur color Orange and yellow
Eye color Black
Personal information
Position Drug dealer and pimp
Affiliation The Defenders
Allies Tails, Spyro, Knuckles, Tonya
Enemies The Trolls
Weapon of choice Cheese and martial arts
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 5
Status Alive

Cheetoman is a drug dealer, pimp, and the secret leader of The Defenders. He has a party with tons of whores and bitches and tries to lure Tails into his group by pretending it is a troll fighting force, but in reality he's actually a crime lord who's forcing everybody to be there and killing the whores, with Ronald McDonald as his right hand man. Of course, whether this was an intended plot twist all along or was just casually slapped on because the author decided the cheeto party arc was getting boring is unknown.