Amy Rose
Biographical information
Age 12
Place of birth Station Square
Physical description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Female
Skin color Light tan
Fur color Pink
Eye color Green
Personal information
Allies Sonic, Tails, Knuckles
Enemies Eggman
Weapon of choice Hammer
Chronological information
First appearance Chapter 10
Status Dead

Amy Rose is Sonic's girlfriend whom he has rough hardcore sex with to release his anger upon. She first shows up with Knuckles in Chapter 10 to tell Shadow she heard about Sonic's death.

She reappears later on in the story at Cheetoman's massive weed smoking party to find Tails is still alive. She tells him how her and Sonic first met and how Eggman raped her continuously for years. After Knuckles escapes with Tails and shows him the truth about Cheetoman, they find Amy's brutalized corpse in a mass grave along with Patti Mayonnaise, Jessie, Candy Kong, and Rouge the Bat.